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Welcome to the Scubazoo Stock Footage and Photo Library, the home to our extensive collection of award-winning wildlife photographs and high definition videos. The collection is the result of two decades documenting wildlife from all over the world. With a firm focus on marine life the library includes everything from gracious whales, sharks and turtles down to the bizarre and quirky behavior of the alien-like mantis shrimp and flamboyant cuttlefish. 

Based in South East Asia, Scubazoo has also built up a strong collection of topside footage and stills; from the iconic Orangutan in the tropical rainforests and Penguins in the Antarctica, to hard-hitting conservation images including shark finning, fish bombing and deforestation. Our newest footage is all HD Apple ProRes and if you have a project in mind our team will be happy to help research the perfect shot for you free of charge.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Scubazoo's renowned cameramen and photographers are also available on assignment – please contact us for specific shoot enquiries.

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